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Hi! I’m Jay Doherty!

Some basic stuff

My name is Jay Doherty and I host or co-host three podcasts, each dedicated to delivering high quality, informational, and valuable content that will hopefully serve/educate you in some way. Over the past few years, I have created not only videos but also podcasts, news articles, and much more.

Most of this connectivity is through email and I have been lucky enough to meet so many people that not only check out my website frequently but also subscribe to my newsletter,  and podcast.

This website

Welcome to this website. Here, you will find stories about news, technology, reviews, audio engineering, digital mixing, podcasting, tips, and so much more. This is basically a constantly evolving archive database filled with News, Tech, and More!

On this site, you will find recent clips from The Jay Doherty Podcast, full episodes of “The Weekly File” podcast, and other archived content pertaining to current events. Some of what you will see is my opinion or perspective as featured on The Jay Doherty Podcast. Some is quite the opposite; facts and straight news like The Weekly File podcast.

Let me know what you think! My email is

I hope you enjoy your time listening and reading all about the latest world and international news. 

Jay Doherty


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