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NEWS: Former VP Joe Biden Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary

This story is developing.

Projection: Biden Wins South Carolina

The Doherty Files officially projects former 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden the winner of the South Carolina Democratic Primary. This marks a victory for the former Vice President who has performed lower than anticipated in previous debate states.

Polls show Biden leading higher than even generous polls predicted at about 40% while, in actuality, the 77 year-old won by 48.6%, according to latest polls

The former VP delivered an enthusiastic victory speech, connoting a sharp turn for the Biden campaign both in terms of statistical and social traction.

See live Primary results here.

Perspective from The Jay Doherty Podcast

  • Emerson Poll suggests Biden could win SC
  • Data For Progress suggests Biden still leads but by a lesser margin
  • If Biden wins SC as the pundits and polls are projecting, then he may have a shot at becoming the next nominee. 

You may remember that way back before any primaries began, in the very early days of the 2020 race, I was pretty confident that Biden would be #1 across the country in state by state polls and the reason he would be #1 is because his experience in congress on top of serving with Obama and being the established establishment politician would do lots of good for his voting numbers among white, christian, heterosexual, cisgendered males but it seemed like this group is actually looking for something different, and I was slightly, but not completely off. 

So Biden still does well with lots of religious white voters but more progressive, forward thinking ones are likely to lean towards Pete Buttieig while more religious voters will probably head towards Amy Klobuchar. And, all of the rest who just don’t like Biden or Obama or the establishment will flock towards Bernie Sanders. The people who really want to just not accept anyone and be an outlier in the entire system will vote for Tom Steyer. Notice how I didn’t mention Elizabeth Warren at all in those sentences. The reason I did not mention her is because she has rendered herself SO irrelevant as of recent. And most of it has to do with how vicious her attacks are at these recent debates, the similarity between her and Bernie, and the simple fact that she is a pathological liar. As we’ve seen from The White House right now, people want to move away from constant fabrication of objective reality. 

Speaking of objective reality, a comprehensive poll of all of South Carolina from Real Clear Politics posts some really interesting stats that shows a) that Biden was riding extremely high, nearly 40% in South Carolina in the early days of polling and that b) Elizabeth Warren was trailing him and then, as of recent, she went kaput. 

I think the biggest problem for him is not the economy, it’s not the capitalist v. socialist, moderate v. progresive battle, but it is his age. The simple fact that his mind has started to move faster than his mouth at his age has really shined more statistically negative light on him and his campaign. I am by no means saying that your age as a number determines how qualified or unqualified you may be… it is all about how you act and how you percieve yourself…

Bernie Sanders is a year older than Biden at 78 years old and he is super enthusiastic about everything, so much so that he had a heart attack! 

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