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Post Analysis of Mueller’s Testimony on TJDP

Post Analysis of Mueller’s Testimony on TJDP | TJDP 94

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Testimony

  • Republicans wanted to waste Mueller’s time and rant about why the President did nothing wrong (echoing some of the President’s previous statements like “total exoneration”, “no collusion”, etc) while Mueller tried to interfere and correct them in certain cases. Many of them ending by saying his investigation was unfair in some way.
  • Democrats wanted him to spill any information that would be damaging to the President and also go beyond restating what was in the original report. Dems were also mad that Mueller said he’s not going to address anything related to the report after he published it. In other words, he was not going to comment on what AG Bill Barr has said, or what Congress has questioned him about prior to Mueller’s testimony. 

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