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The Weekly File: February 11

The Top News of The Week for the Week of February 11, 2019.

First story –

At least 6 people have been killed in a tragic incident involving a man and a steel distribution plant. This, according to Aurora Chief of Police Kristen Ziman. She also confirmed the speculated reports of the gunman being dead.

Aurora city spokesman Clayton Muhammad told WLS that the suspect had been “neutralized” at the time the story broke. Hospitals also reported treating at least seven patients from the shooting.

Live TV video feeds from WBBM, WLS, and WGN concurrently displayed more than 25 first responder vehicles outside a building housing the Henry Pratt Steel Distribution Company in Aurora.

The suspected shooter has been killed in a short shootout from an industrial area near Prairie and Highland avenues, according to preliminary reports from the scene. These reports were later confirmed by The Aurora Police Department.

The shooters name has been confirmed to be Gary Martin, which The Sun Times recently reported to be laid off from the steel distribution company. Mr. Martin’s mother added that he knew the layoff was coming and he increasingly became more “stressed out”.

The incident occurred at 641 Archer Ave.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker along with Aurora Mayor and Police Chief briefed the press and the American people on the recent shooting just hours after it occurred. Another press conference occurred later that evening at 21:00 where authorities re-iterated their original reports and took questions from various members of the press.

“There is an active shooter near Highland and Archer,” the city tweeted. “Aurora Police are on the scene.” As of now, we know The FBI, ATF, and United States Marshall were among the many first responding agencies on the scene.

The shooter was taken into custody swiftly. The first call was made at 13:24 and police were on the scene at 13:28

Second story –

“It’s not doing the trick” said Trump after a Cabinet meeting in Washington.

He continues to be very stubborn with this deal even against his many conservative colleagues who’ve publicly opposed the bill. Collectively, though, Republican lawmakers are urging trump to sign the deal which would immediately dispense with the need for another government shutdown. He has since signed this bill to fund the government and there is no longer a need to shut it down once again.

Specifically, Trump said he was unsatisfied with the number 1,375,000,000. This is the proposed amount of money that democrats and republicans settled upon. Trump wants $5.7 billion dollars, but he’s not officially taken the democrats settlement off the table.

With that being said, he wants to add more things to make the deal more appealing to both Democrats and Republicans. He said he wants to “add things”. This seems standard practice but he is specifically saying he does not want to subtract things.

Mitch McConell, the Republican Majority leader stated that Trump is going to sign the bi-partisan bill for $1.375 billion dollars for the wall, but he is also going to declare a national emergency and pull a large chunk of money out of The United States Department of Defense. He has since done both.

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This has been the top stories of the week for the week of February 10, 2019 from The Doherty Files.

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