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U.S. President Donald Trump Declares National Emergency on The Southern Border Wall

Last updated on February 17, 2019

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On Friday:

United States President Donald J. Trump stated he is going to declare a national emergency Friday, February 15; the deadline to solve his so-called crisis at the border.

“It’s not doing the trick” said Trump after a Cabinet meeting in Washington.

He continues to be very stubborn with this deal even against his many conservative colleagues who’ve publicly opposed the bill. Collectively, though, Republican lawmakers are urging trump to sign the deal which would immediately dispense with the need for another government shutdown. He has since signed this bill to fund the government and there is no longer a need to shut it down once again.

The president expressed extreme displeasure with the bi-partisan bill negotiators on both sides of the political spectrum worked to put together.

Specifically, Trump said he was unsatisfied with the number 1,375,000,000. This is the proposed amount of money that democrats and republicans settled upon. Trump wants $5.7 billion dollars, but he’s not officially taken the democrats settlement off the table.

With that being said, he wants to add more things to make the deal more appealing to both Democrats and Republicans. He said he wants to “add things”. This seems standard practice but he is specifically saying he does not want to subtract things.

What Happened Thursday:

Mitch McConell, the Republican Majority leader stated that Trump is going to sign the bi-partisan bill for $1.375 billion dollars for the wall, but he is also going to declare a national emergency and pull a large chunk of money out of The United States Department of Defense. He has since done both.

It’s sad.

“It’s sad” the President said after reflecting on the long progress both democrats and republicans have made to achieve a totally opposite outcome. Trump outlined more vague plans to negotiate for the border wall.

He said he is taking measures to prevent another government shutdown on February 15. He said, if there is another shutdown, it will be the democrats fault.

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